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Finding Peace at Christmas

If you have ever seen a beauty pageant? What is the one thing that they frequently say that they are working for or wish for? World Peace! Everyone longs for peace.
Have any of you been shopping this past week? If you were, did you walk out of the store saying “Wow, this season is full of peace on earth and goodwill to men!” Ha ha….probably not! Some of you may be thinking “Peace at Christmas? Is that possible?”
This week I watched a t.v. program that had a woman on who HATES…and I mean…HATES Christmas. She hates how mean people get to get a good deal at the stores, she hates how rude people are to the store clerks. She hates all the obligation to get together with family and worse yet….feeling obligated to buy gifts. Now, I do agree with her that people can act exactly opposite of what they should be for the season and I do agree that people should make a point to get together other times of the year as well, but….HATEING Christmas? What she is ultimately saying is “There is no peace…

In the news

Olivia is in the elementary choir at school and yesterday they went to the Pavillions, a nursing home. She was in the news last night and since I can't get the video to post here, you can watch it HERE.

Olivia loves to sing and she blesses us with her gift. Thanks for sharing your gift with these people Olivia. You did a fantastic job and brought smiles to many faces! I love you, girly!

Staying postive...Because life goes on!

Wow...those are precious words from a sweet, 75 year old woman who was beaten and bound for 26 hours. The whole story is here is an amazing woman. The teens involved in this were less than remorseful and yet this precious woman says "There aren't many people out there like that"

We can learn a lot from this dear One. She made a CHOICE to be positive. She made a CHOICE to get back up again. She made a CHOICE to go forward. You see, it's a choice that we have each and every day as well. We can choose to look at the negative...cuz it's there. We can choose to be a victim and let it ruin us for the rest of our lives. We can choose to live our lives in fear, OR we can choose to trust in Christ and look for the positive in situations.

What situation in your life has you down? What is it that persistently frustrates you? Take a few minutes to give that thing to the Lord and pray over it and then purposely think of three positive…

Uncle Brad

On November 26, 2008, my Aunt found my Uncle "sleeping" on the couch....eternally. At this point, we still don't know his cause of death, but I have been processing over the last few weeks. We went down state early before Thanksgiving to be with my Mom and spent extended time there. He didn't want any type of service or fanfare, so the family didn't even get together.....besides, they are living in Florida for the winter.

I have been mulling over a few things in my mind. Here are some random thoughts I'm having....

- I don't like the idea of people milling around my body when I'm gone, but I think it's a healthy thing to do, as it helps people to get together, talk, process and grieve together.

- Life here on earth is short. We never know how long we have, so we need to be ready.

- Comfort and peace are difficult when the person is "not ready".

- Is my urgency to share the gospel when a crisis comes the same as when there isn't a cr…


I run to You.

When the waves around me are crashing from the storm....

When I'm in the stillness of the redwood forest and not a sound is heard...

When I am in a crowd of people and feel all alone....

When I sit on the edge wondering where you are....

When I am filled with excitement that I cannot contain.....

When I don't feel I can go on....

I run to You. Your love reaches. Your love touches.

I run to You. Where it's always safe and I am held.

I run to You. The One who never changes.

I run to You. I run only to You.