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Beautiful Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day outside. It was just cool enough and the sun was shining to get some heavy outdoor work done. Brian was at work, so the kids and I spent the whole day outside. I THINK the kids ate lunch, but we came in around 8pm to eat dinner. I couldn't believe it was so late.

We did some clean up of the trees in the front yard, picking up brush/sticks, ect.... and some flower planting/moving of plants. My Mom had given me some things that she decided to take out of her garden, so we planted them! It has been fun finally getting to the landscaping at our home. I keep saying that I am almost done, but then I had more gardens and clean more things out that need "help". Our grass is coming in pretty nicely and Andrew mowed it for the first time. I think that will be Andrew's job this year.

All in all, it was a great day together, even though Brian couldn't join us. We will probably spend tonight around the campfire burning all that brush that we cleane…