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Blogging Break...

We are going camping at the Free Methodist Church Family Camp this week, so there will be no posts for a week.

Camping in New Era, Michigan pictures


Bumper Cars....Mom vs. Dad and Olivia!
Frog Hopper....this ride goes up and as it comes back down bounces up and down. The kids scream with excitement. It's so fun to watch!

We went to a petting zoo that had this big jumping pillow:

And what is camping without a little water time and a campfire?

by the way...this stuff really makes a campfire fun! It sizzles when it burns (and supposedly helps with mosquitos).

Horseback Riding

When we were camping last week, one of our day trip excursions was for Olivia and I to go horseback riding. It is the first time Olivia has been on a horse and the first time in a loooonnnggg time since I have been on one. We took an hour long trail ride with a guide and another mother and daughter. We had such a good time. We each had our own horse. I was a little worried that Olivia wouldn't like the trotting part, but she did well with it all...and I must say, she had the cutest curls bouncing up and down when we did trot. These are great memories for her and I!

A Very Happy Birthday!

Today I turned 140-70/2. (For those of you not good at math, the answer is 35!) Thanks to those of you who sent birthday greetings.

I worked this morning and then came home, took a shower and went to my birthday massage. I was going to get my hair cut, but I ended up doing that yesterday. After my massage, Brian and the kids took me to Outback for dinner. I love their steak and fresh broccoli. It was really tastey, especially since we finished the whole thing off with a hot pecan brownie with vanilla icecream, whipped cream and hot chocolate fudge sauce. MMMM!!!!

Now we are going to watch a movie together.....the perfect ending to a beautiful day! I feel very blessed to have such a fantastic family!


Wow, summer has been a blast, but is flying by. We have kept very busy. I attended an open house this weekend and was reminded of how long it's been since I've posted. School was still in session on my last post. So, what's been happening???

NEW ARRIVAL: We have a new baby in the house. Her name is Callie. She was 4 weeks old when we got her. She is now 2 months old and is so playful and fun. Yes, a kitten! The kids both love her to death. She plays a lot and loves people. If she finds herself alone in a room, she cries. It is sooo cute. Welcome to the family, Callie!TUESDAYS: Olivia has been attending "Tuesdays at the Township". Every Tuesday she attends a different event. The first one was about what it's like to be a kid in El Salvador. She learned a little Spanish and wants to do more. She's excited about it. This week she learned kid safety. People from the local TaeKwonDo came and taught a few moves and talked a lot about how to …