A Very Happy Birthday!

Today I turned 140-70/2. (For those of you not good at math, the answer is 35!) Thanks to those of you who sent birthday greetings.

I worked this morning and then came home, took a shower and went to my birthday massage. I was going to get my hair cut, but I ended up doing that yesterday. After my massage, Brian and the kids took me to Outback for dinner. I love their steak and fresh broccoli. It was really tastey, especially since we finished the whole thing off with a hot pecan brownie with vanilla icecream, whipped cream and hot chocolate fudge sauce. MMMM!!!!

Now we are going to watch a movie together.....the perfect ending to a beautiful day! I feel very blessed to have such a fantastic family!


Happy Birthday - belated! If I'd known I would have been on time! Glad you had a good day. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Sorry you're getting so old!!!

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