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Cancun, Mexico

We're BACK! We spent some time in Cancun, Mexico as part of our bi-annual Christmas trip with Brian's parents and Sister's family. It was beutiful there. We had good weather most the trip. If it rained, it would only rain for about 10 minutes and then the sun would come back out. It was a bit windy, but it was 85 degrees and sunny, so who cares about the wind, right? It was all inclusive, so we stayed here most of the time. It was an amazing time! This was our hotel...

We were able to do some fun excursions. Here are some pictures of our once in a lifetime chance to swim with dolphins. It was amazing! We spent about an hour with them. We got to pet them, feel their tongue, make them do tricks for us, and learn some interesting facts about them. We were right there in the water with them, as you can see.
We also did some parasailing. It was amazingly quiet up in the air, but it was a bit windy and with 400 feet of rope, it make me a bit nervous. Brian was able to go up with t…


It's amazing how time gets away from me. It has been a busy, crazy, hard couple of weeks, but our family is very much looking forward to leaving in just a few short hours for Cancun, Mexico. We will be gone for a week!!! Instead of doing Christmas presents with Brian's family, we save our money for 3 years and take a trip someplace. It's always a great time!

We covet your prayers as we try to focus on relaxing, rejuvenation and just some good family time together. We really need it these days. Looking forward to returning home with a fresh perspective and passion to move forward!

See ya when we get back!