Fixed on Jesus

I continue to be amazed at how God reveals himself to me.  I have been studying the book of Revelation and when you look at how he addresses the seven churches, they each needed to see a different aspect of God.  When God addresses them, He reminds them of the very thing they need to remember about Him.

The past few weeks have been extremely overwhelming and difficult, but I am continually amazed how God puts the right verse, the right song and the right people to encourage me. The Holy Spirit has led people to pray for me.  My heart is full, being reminded of how much God values me.

God values you.  He loves you so much.  If you question what's going on around you, look to Scripture.  Does He have a lesson for you?  Is He growing you in a deeper way?  Does He need you to share the hope that you have in Him with someone else?  Stay strong.  Stay in the Word!  And most of all...keep your eyes on Jesus.  The world will tell you lies and try to knock you off course.  Persist in ob…


I am overwhelmed with the fact that God CHOOSES to use ME. 
I have let Him down.I have broken His heart.I have turned my back on Him and done my own thing.I have worried.I have put other things before Him.I have ignored Him. Yet...HE LOVES ME.  In spite of ME, HE LOVES ME....and WANTS a relationship with me. 

I have just become the Pastor of 37 North Church in Southgate, MI.  I am humbled.  I am overwhelmed.  I am excited.  I am scared.  I am blessed.  I am keeping my eyes on Jesus.  I can't do this on my own.  I can't love God's people the way they need to be loved on my own.  It's a good place to be.  A child...totally dependent on the Creator and Sustainer....that's where I find myself. 

Jesus Calling

Psalm 27:4  My heart says of You, "Seek His face!"  Your face, Lord, I will seek. 

This year I have been reading the daily devotional Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  I love the title of this book!  Jesus Calls us every day to seek His face.  This book is about putting yourself in Jesus' presence on a daily basis.  When we do this, we experience His peace, His guidance, His comfort, His shelter, and so much more! 

I have found that there are many days when I am struggling to trust God's plan and I am feeling down.  These kind of days are hard to remember that God is still on the throne and that nothing is catching Him by surprise.  He sees tomorrow and we have no reason to fear or worry.  I find great encouragement in seeking His face, because when we seek Him, He WILL be found!

I got a new Bible and have been highlighting the verses that Sarah Young suggests we read.  After almost a year of highlighting, I have a Bible full of highlighted promises and encouragement …

Every decision has a consequence....good or bad.


Rejoicing with the angels!

Last night I had the awesome privilege of leading a young man to Christ.  Sometimes you wonder if the teens ever really hear what you are saying.  They sometimes act like they don't care and nothing matters, yet somehow it sinks in and God works! 

I am praying for my young friend, as his Mother was not as thrilled for him as he was to tell her about it.  I forget sometimes how hard it is for teens these days to stand up for truth. 

I rejoice in God's word that He says "My salvation will last forever.  My righteousness will never fail." (Isaiah 51:6b)  No one can take that salvation away.  I am  praying for continued faith for this young man and for his Mother to be drawn to Jesus as well.   

This is why I do what I do......salvation is near.......


It has been an incredible journey these past couple years. I have been at my lowest and have come to know Christ in a deeper way. I am incredibly blessed to have gone through the "junk" to be where I am today.....deeper in love with my Savior and learning to keep my eyes focused on Him. This world can hand us some pretty icky stuff and the ONLY way to get through it is to realize who God is. God has been my strength, given me a song to sing when I didn't feel like it, provided for me in ways I couldn't even fathom, healed my heart, protected me in the storm, given me victory that I couldn't have attained on my own, and been the Cornerstone of my life. He has been faithful and true. He has sustained me and given me a new sense of purpose. I could go on and on. My Redeemer Lives! Today I just want to say....Jesus, I love you! Thank you for believing in me when I felt so alone. Thank you for your forgiveness. Thank you for reviving me. Thank you for…

To all of you who feel like giving up