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A post from a friend

The following is a post from my former Pastor and friend. It touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you and pray it speaks to you as well.

I went to my cousin's memorial service this week. You would've loved Ed, he was a great pastor and a fun guy. I find myself sitting next to some of you in the stadium of questions. You know the place - it's the crowded arena that holds all of us who have had an experience that doesn't seem to fit in the game of life.

I hugged Ed's wife, who now is without a husband, a father for their kids, a pastor, and even a church. I stood in the stadium next to her and felt a fraction of her pain. We cried. I walked and talked with my other cousin who is now without his younger brother and himself racked with pain from cancer - we talked about God, about questions, about hanging on.

The stadium is often quite full. As I work my way out of the stadium I'm looking back making some observations.

1. The stadium of questions rarely has…