Blogging Break...

We are going camping at the Free Methodist Church Family Camp this week, so there will be no posts for a week.


This blog could be more exciting if you can create another topic that everyone can relate on.
Joy Ziegler said…
powerball....I am sorry that you don't find this interesting, but those who know me like the family updates. Sometimes I have inspirational clips and such, if you read back a little further, maybe you will find what you are looking for. There will be more things like that to come.

Thanks for stopping by!
LB said…
Yay! You're back! Enjoyed the family updates. What's with these "lotto" comments? Guess there's always a few people with miniscule minds lurking about trying to make themselves feel superior by taking jabs at others. If they can't relate then they shouldn't be reading your blog. Duh. Just because they can't relate doesn't mean nobody can. Glad you're back and I'm looking forward to seeing photos from camp!

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