Staying postive...Because life goes on!

Wow...those are precious words from a sweet, 75 year old woman who was beaten and bound for 26 hours. The whole story is here is an amazing woman. The teens involved in this were less than remorseful and yet this precious woman says "There aren't many people out there like that"

We can learn a lot from this dear One. She made a CHOICE to be positive. She made a CHOICE to get back up again. She made a CHOICE to go forward. You see, it's a choice that we have each and every day as well. We can choose to look at the negative...cuz it's there. We can choose to be a victim and let it ruin us for the rest of our lives. We can choose to live our lives in fear, OR we can choose to trust in Christ and look for the positive in situations.

What situation in your life has you down? What is it that persistently frustrates you? Take a few minutes to give that thing to the Lord and pray over it and then purposely think of three positives in your life. No matter how bad your situation, there is a positive there if you look for it. Find it now!

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