I run to You.

When the waves around me are crashing from the storm....

When I'm in the stillness of the redwood forest and not a sound is heard...

When I am in a crowd of people and feel all alone....

When I sit on the edge wondering where you are....

When I am filled with excitement that I cannot contain.....

When I don't feel I can go on....

I run to You. Your love reaches. Your love touches.

I run to You. Where it's always safe and I am held.

I run to You. The One who never changes.

I run to You. I run only to You.



Barb Standfest said…
Thank you for sharing the focus that each of us need every day! I've just come upon your blog and find it power-filled and both refreshing and challenging. Thank you!

I am brand new to the 'blogging' world. I believe that I am answering a call that God has put in front of me to "believe out loud".

Thanks for going before me!
Blessings to you, Brian and the kids.

Barb (Rosteutcher) Standfest
Midland Free Methodist
Laura said…
Interesting that you should post this. I have been absolutely enthralled lately by the Selah song, "O Draw Me, Lord." Essentially the whole song repeats one line -- O Draw Me, Lord, and I'll run after you. The melody and harmony is so awesome and when I turn it up loud I can lose myself in worship. So, you're running TO and I'm running AFTER but we're BOTH longing to dwell in God's presence!

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