Home Again!

I am back after another incredible week at FLAME. Every time I go, I come back with heart changes that have taken place. It's a time of growth, not only academically, but spiritually, as well.

FLAME was birthed out of a vision of one man, Wayne Richards. I often think, what if he had not answered God's call on his life? What if he decided that it was too big for him and didn't do it? What if he did something else for God and settled there? What if he stayed where it was "comfortable"? The answer to all those questions would be that men and women of God being called into full-time Christian ministry would be faced with doing academics only. Instead, we have spiritual challenge, accountability, encouragement, networking, and much more!

My challenge to you today (and to myself, as well) is that we must press on to what God calls us to. We can do something good for God, but no matter how impossible it looks, and no matter how hard it is, PRESS ON!!!!! God will give you what you need to do the job he calls you to. If you ask Wayne, I am sure he would tell you that he felt it was a big call, but he would also tell you......that he would not rather be doing anything else. God has blessed that ministry in ways he couldn't even imagine! (and I have to say he probably doesn't even know all the work that God does in the hearts of the men and women that come).

I want to be only where God wants me to be and I refuse to shrink back or settle. If God calls me to it, He will give me EVERYTHING I need to accomplish the task. What is God calling you to that you have questioned? Go....press on......and trust in a God who knows your fears and questions, but has the answers. He doesn't send you alone. He is with you all the way!


Anonymous said…
Good Message Joy. Keep Pressing on. I'll keep doing the same!
Jerry Johnson said…
I also come away from FLAME spiritually pumped up. There are a few things that always blow me away every time I attend FLAME:

1) The incredible love I feel from Wayne & the cooking crew (Dave & Mary Lou). Through all the complexities of planning, organizing, and ensuring that things go as smooth as possible, they take time to sincerely see how you're doing. They know me by name even without a name tag! As I was leaving Table Rock last Wednesday, Dave came to me with tears in his eyes, gave me a big-ole bear hug & kissed me on the cheek. Boy, this is better than family!

2) The number of people sold out to the Lord. It still amazes me the cross-section of people from all over who have given every ounce of their being to Him. It challenges me to improve my walk.

3) Professors, What can you say! They not only are incredibly gifted at teaching the course, but they give you valuable real-life application that you can take right back to your Church.

Jerry from NC

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