I am taking classes in the Wesleyan church for ordination. Most of the classes I take at FLAME (Fellowship of Leaders Aquiring Ministerial Education) Basically, I do a bunch of pre-work, go to school for a week and then have post work. It has been a great experience, despite how much studying I do. (Brian wonders if I am ever coming out of the den again)

I recently went to North Carolina to study Wesleyan History and Discipline and also an Evangelism class. I have some amazing stories to tell. God was soo good. It's amazing what 40 minutes of quiet before the Lord can do for you! I get so busy talking to God and telling Him everything that I don't let Him get a word in edgewise....how sad. God suprised us all by some of the events that took place in our evangelism experience!

My Professor for my classes, Mark Wilson, has a blogspot www.revitalizeyourchurch.blogspot.com that tells some of the stories of the week. I would love for you to read some of them...rather than me just repeating them here. He has some pictures of the field trip we took to Macajaih McPherson's grave (an abolitionist Wesleyan who was hung for his stand against slavery in the church....the guys needed their rope for another guy, so they cut him down and he hours later was able to crawl home and live another 30 years.....for the LORD) I'm not much into history (don't tell Mark that), but I walked away from this experience with a new appreciation for it.....and a very thankful heart for those who have stood for the faith.


Mark O. Wilson said…
It was a delight to have you in class! How wonderful that you now have a blog. Great stuff! Keep it up!
Dale Argot said…
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Dale Argot said…
Let's try this again. I deleted my first post because it had some typos. So I have stumbled upon another FLAME blog. This is awesome. I like what you have written so far. Keep up the good work.

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