25 Random Things About Me

Some friends have done this, and I have really enjoyed hearing their 25 things, so I thought I would share my 25 things with you here:

1. I grew up as the oldest of 3, a younger brother and sister. When I was pregnant with Andrew, I found out that I had 2 older half brothers from my Dad's first marriage that I knew nothing of. When I was pregnant with Olivia, my Mom got a call asking for my Dad from a young man. Upon conversation, I found out that I also have another half brother that is younger than me but older than the brother I grew up with. So, essentially, I have one sister and four brothers. And...I am DONE having kids! lol

2. I have two beautiful children, Andrew (15 years old) and Olivia (almost 9)!

3. I met Brian at McDonalds on May 25, 1990 and saw him every day after I met him until I went on a missions trip to Mexico in July of 1990.

4. I have lived in Michigan all my life, except for about 10 months when I was one years old, when we lived in Wisconsin.

5. I am an ordained minister in the Wesleyan church and currently serving as the Assistant Pastor at Woodside Wesleyan.

6. I love the beach and summertime weather.....and I live in Northern Michigan where it's polar opposite of that!

7. I love to wakeboard...even if I'm not that great at it.

8. When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a missionary to Brazil.

9. I love worship music.

10. Someday I would like to plant a church.

11. I love to socialize.

12. Starbucks! Cinnamon Dolche Latte. Need I say more?

13. I like knowing the big picture of things. I like a plan.

14. I HATE to be late for anything.

15. Good Chinese food really hits the spot.

16. I love seeing people come to Christ and be victorious in their walk with Christ.

17. I used to make my sister and brother and all my stuffed animals and dolls be my "students" as I played teacher as a kid.

18. Even though most people would probably think of me as a rule breaker, I actually like people to play by the rules. I don't like to see injustice, disrespect, or dishonor.

19. I attended Calvary Baptist Academy/Church almost all my life. When I was a Senior in high school we moved over to Midland Free Methodist Church and my first week there I signed up for the missions trip to Mexico for that summer. It felt like home immediately.

20. I have received much grace through my mistakes in life and hope I can extend just as much love and grace as I have been given.

21. Once I set my mind to something, I have a hard time changing gears or letting go.

22. I process things by talking them out. (sometimes a good thing, sometimes not)

23. I have lived in Traverse City since January of 2003.

24. My favorite color is periwinkle. (for those of you asking what that is....it's light blue and light purple and mixed together)

25. I love flowers, but seldom have them in my home, cuz I hate that they die......that's why I garden in the summertime.


Very, very interesting! Of course some of it I knew, but not all...

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