Evaluation and Motivation

Life has been very hectic with the start of school this year. Andrew is in high school and just finished his driver's education. A lot of changes for us. I am finally finished with classes and tomorrow is my ordination ceremony down in Fremont, MI. It feels good to have reached that goal.

I started this week with Pastor's Prayer and Fast Retreat down at camp. It was a good time to meet with other Pastors and get to know some of them, as well as the time of meeting with God. Betweeen the retreat and my ordination and my wedding anniversary this month, I have been in evaluation mode. I am evaluating each relationship I have: my marriage....both to Brian and to God, my relationship with my children and also my relationship in ministry.

I have been overwhelmed this week by the deep responsibility I carry in each relationship. So, I am evaluating, setting goals and praying for each one. Here are some of the questions I am asking myself:

1. How much time do I spend on this relationship in a day?
2. What am I doing to grow this relationship?
3. Is there anything inappropriate in my life that is hindering this relationship?
4. How much time do I spend in prayer over and for this relationship?
5. Am I serving or being served in this relationship?
6. Is God pleased with the status of this relationship?
7. What do I need to change in this relationship?
8. What are my goals for this relationship?
9. What is my action plan for reaching those goals?

So I ask you....How are your relationships?


Oh, now, that last question isn't fair...this is about you!!!

Okay, those are questions all of us should be asking, myself included. By the way, they are very good questions.

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