We're Back.....Kinda!

We spent a great week at Family Camp. It was so much fun seeing friends who we don't get to visit with often. I had 5 kids with me, so I didn't get to visit as much as I wanted to, but we did get to share a potluck on Sunday with our Midland friends and then the Schloemann's generously make a pancake breakfast for the Midland group (the sausage balls are the best!)
We had numerous campfires with smores and cherry pies and whatever else kind of pie the kids could come up with.....smore pie, pizza pie, and grilled cheese. One friend made snowcones for all the kids in the area and I made a bit of homemade icecream.

Let's not forget the endless trips to the beach. My niece, Cassandra, for the first time jumped off the blob (a tall platform that you jump off on to a big inflatable, which sends the person at the other end of the blog flying up into the air and into the water)

Andrew had his friend, Brad, stay with us for the week, and they had fun pulling pranks on people (flirting with the girls, callapsing friend's tents, ect...) One morning, they slept until noon. How you can sleep in a tent with all that is going on around you, as well as the heat and such, I don't know. It's fun having a teen!

We had church every night and the kids love riding the horse-drawn wagon ride to church. They changed things up a bit this year, and rather than having an evangelist come in and speak, they had some of the pastors in the Conference speak and it was great! I know that God has been doing some work in my own heart about my heart for those who don't know Jesus and what am I going to do about that? I will post more as I work through that process.

So, why do I say we're back...kinda? Well, I am headed to Indiana for a few days to spend time with my Mom's sisters and their daughters. Every year they do a "sister's weekend". It's for any girls in the family...aunts, moms, sisters, daughters. This year, my aunt from St. Croix will be able to join us, so we are staying at my Aunt's house. Not sure what we will be doing, but I DO know that there will be LOTS of talking and talking and talking. It cracks me up to sit back and just watch sometimes. I should have some pictures of the trip when I get back at the end of the week.


You're right...camp was great! It was good to know you were just down the road! Maybe we can have another time to 'get together' like next year!

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