Cooking with Olivia

For the past 24 hours, Olivia has had a fever and a headache. She woke up this morning and took some more Tylenol and was finally feeling like eating. She asked for a smoothie for breakfast and then said "Mom, I really want crabmeat cheese. Can we make some in our new deep fryer?" So, we cooked together this morning and made just that and enjoyed our cooking creation together for lunch. Since she was sick, I got the day off work. It's a blessing to spend the day home today.

Thank You, Lord for knowing when we need to slow down and giving us opportunitites for that to happen. I feel blessed this day!

TONIGHT STARTS VBS....gonna need this time! I am very excited about this week!


I love crab! Jerry doesn't care for sea food so I don't get it very often. You made me hungry for it! I hope Olivia is feeling better now. Have a great VBS!

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