Wednesdays At Woodside Wesleyan

About 10 weeks ago, we started a new youth program and children's program on Wednesday nights. Every week we have seen growth. It has been so fun to watch. We decided that we would do 6-8 weeks and then have a family night, where we play games and give the updates as to where we have been and where we are going. I hoped that it would generate outreach and excitement for what we are doing.

Last night was our first Family Fun Night and WOW! Was I surprised! We made about 20 hotdogs, thinking that should be about enough. As we brought the hotdogs in, we looked around and realized that we needed to quick get on the ball and get some more hotdogs and buns, as people were pouring through the doors. When we did the count, 47 people were present....over DOUBLE what we were expecting. We only had around 40 on Sunday morning.

What's exciting about all this, is that only about 1/3 of the people were regular attenders. Most of them were people who either don't attend or don't attend regularly. There were so many new faces. I was so excited and blessed. We are so looking forward to continuing. We heard lots of comments on how people wanted to start coming regularly. I am looking forward to watching this area of ministry grow. God is so good!


freetobeme said…
That's great, Joy. Tell me, do you have a class for 5th/6th graders? You know that's my passion or was before I retired.

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