In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day...chapter 2

We continue on today with highlights from chapter 2:

1. "God loves impossible odds.......Too often our prayers revolve around asking God to reduce the odds in our lives. We want everything in our favor. But maybe God wants to stack the odds against us so we can experience a mirile of divine proportions. Maybe faith is trusting God no matter how impossible the odds are. Maybe our impossible situations are opportunities to experience a new dimension of God's glory." (Think of the example of Gideon in Judges 7 and the army too large. God widdled it down to 300 men and then has them fight the opposing army with trumpets and jars. They knew in the end that it HAD to be God and not them that made them win.)

2. "How you think about God will determine who you become.....and that internal picture of God determines how you see everything else......The more we grow, the bigger God should get. And the bigger God gets, the smaller our lions will become."

3. "God wants you to get where God wants you to go more than you want to get where God wants you to go."


Anonymous said…
'reducing the odds in our lives'

i see truth of that in my life. of course there is going to be paradox all over it. such prayers usually come in the context of something that i am actually really after, a 'hearts desire' type thing. i would love all of the 'rights' associated with having the prayer answered, but don't necessarily want to deal with the 'responsibilities' that will need to be endured to get there.

keep posting from the book. good stuff.
Anonymous said…
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