Easter Sunday

He is risen! He is risen indeed!!!

Today we celebrate our risen Lord! We started out our worship service this morning with the song "My Redeemer Lives". What a great way to start! We also sang "He Lives" and "Because He Lives".....see the theme? Then we ended with "Worthy is the Lamb/Crown Him with Many Crowns" set. Music is powerful and I know that the songs touched me today.

We focus so much on the fact that Jesus died this time of year and on Sunday we always celebrate the fact that He has risen, but the thing that hit me today was the fact that we should be living our lives daily in light of the risen Lord. How does the risen Lord change who we are on a daily basis? Does it make a hill of beans difference to us? Why is it that we only celebrate once a year?

Celebration. What would that look like if we celebrated the resurrection every day? When we celebrate a birthday or a birth of a new baby, we tell those around us. You Grandparents and some of you new Parents are willing to tell the grocery store clerk or someone standing in line....anyone that will listen about the celebration of a new birth. We have been given a new birth in Christ.....a chance to start over.....and why is it that we keep it silent? Why are we embarrassed about what someone else might think? Isn't our life in Christ even more important that the birth of a new baby? If so, why aren't we celebrating on a daily basis? Why is it that we are so silent about it?

As I sat in church today, and we sang celebration songs and served communion, I am reminded of the awesome privilege we have to worship. I am reminded of the awesome gift that we have inside of us that we take for granted. We have become complacent in our approach to worship. I want to be known as one who shares the gospel in celebration mode. I don't ever want to get comfortable in my pew and forget about the lost world around me.

We live in a world that needs to hear good news! We have something to celebrate........share it!


freetobeme said…
Right on, Joy! I can see you and hear you saying what you wrote in your blog! Keep on keeping on!
barb michelen said…
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