Worship Wars

I have heard quite often lately the term "Worship Wars" and I have been very disturbed in my spirit about it. The one thing that we should be unified about is worship and yet it can be a war....anything BUT unity or worship.

I talked with the teens on Sunday morning about worship and how would they feel if we only did children's music on Sunday mornings, how would they feel about that? They all said they would hate that. We went from there to discuss that is how the older people feel about our rock and roll music.

We are all at different places in our life and what it all boils down to is likes and dislikes. I like purple and you like red....WHO CARES?! Neither one of them is right or wrong....just different. It's what you DO with your preference that matters! Whether is children's music, hymns, rock and roll, country or somewhere out there, what matters is this: Is Jesus lifted high? Is He the one you are worshipping or is it your style preference?

Worship Wars. Yuck! What we really should be at war with is the one who is trying to cause all this dissention in our church body and take our eyes off the reason we are singing in the first place! Let's get back to the heart of worship.....IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU, JESUS!


freetobeme said…
Amen! Sometimes we, older folks, have a hard time with changes. It took me a while to accept the choruses we sing today. I love the old hymns but I also love most of the choruses...now. Some of them made no sense to me at first. I didn't realize we were actually singing scripture! One day when I was reading my Bible I came across words that seemed very familiar to me and all of a sudden I realized this was a chorus! But rock and roll, well, I still have a hard time with that!!! But I love our teens so if they can express their love for God through rock and roll, then go teens!
LB said…
Amen! It is all about Jesus. There isn't a right or wrong way to worship. And it isn't the music/songs that makes it worship -- it's the heart that absorbs the beauty of the music and turns it around giving it back to Jesus in adoration. Personally I love both hymns and choruses but find that choruses are physically easier to sing. I refer to many hymns as "corset songs" because surely one must be wearing a very tight corset in order to hit those high notes! If my mind gets cluttered with thoughts about how to maneuver my voice around those notes then, personally, I lose that sense of worship. But that doesn't mean I would trash the hymns. It's then that we can close our mouths and eyes and worship through the act of listening!

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