Girls on the Run!

My niece called and asked me about two months ago to see if I would sponsor her for her Girls on the Run. I said, "Of course I will, sweetie! What do I have to do?" ha ha! That's the wrong order of response, for sure! It should have been: "What do I have to do?" FIRST, because to be a sponsor/mentor/running buddy you had to run a 5k. It ended up being almost 4 miles. And, to top it all was just before the parade, so there were people everywhere. I was certainly not in good enough shape to run, but I did it anyhow and it was really fun. Olivia ran in it as well. I will have pictures when I get them from my Mom over Thanksgiving.

The point of the run was to boost elementary girl's confidence to be able to stand up against domestic and sexual violence if it presents itself. It was supposed to be a run for fun! They had fun and everyone finished the run...what an accomplishment for them! There were about 75 girls who ran with their mentors.

So, to all the girls, Cassandra, Joan, Olivia and even to myself....go girls! Good job!!!!


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