Woodside Wesleyan at the Park

Yesterday we held church at the park. There are some advantages to being a small church. We had service and then a picnic. We had a really good time. Again, five of the people from H.O.M.E. came and got involved in some healthy fun. It was great to have them. We had fun with water balloons, treasure hunts, volleyball, and races. Here are a few pictures of the day:
The young children doing a treasure hunt.
My daughter, Olivia and Rebecca with their water balloons. They are going to go find someone that "wants" to get wet.
The great ski race!

One funny story of the day.....I was doing the games and at the end of all the water balloon games, I let everyone just take balloons and "do what they wanted with them." I asked Pastor Roger if i could use his phone (he he he) He gave me his phone. Then I said ok kids...."hit the Pastor". got it....they went after Pastor Roger, but then they realized if the game was to hit the Pastor....that meant they needed to go after me too! Not what I had intended for the game! I took a few good hits. I was soaked, but it was worth all the fun we had doing it!

All in all, we had a great day with our new church family. The weather was absolutely perfect and there were many smiles and of course lots of good food and fellowship. Happy Labor Day!!!


freetobeme said…
So, you had two great days in a row! At the lake and at the park...I don't know if that's legal!

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