Wesleyan Bloggers

My friend, Mark Wilson has been collecting Wesleyan blogs. Thanks for keeping up with all of us, Mark! Check out these great blogs!

Mark O. Wilson, Revitalize Your Church
Lawrence W. Wilson
Tim Guptill, G'update
Paul Kind, Vagabonding
John & Danielle Freed,
Rod Pickett, Kingdom Come
Jim Garlow
Josh Garlow, In Stereo
John Drury, Drulogian
Keith Drury
Jerry Brecheisen
Ken Schenck, Schenck Thoughts
David Drury
Eric Wagenmaker, Random, Contemplative
Chad McCallum, Compass Church
Dale Argot, Virginia Transplant
Joe & Randi Gormong
Eric Hambrock, The Front Porch
Jim Watkins
Nate Kingsbury
Joel Gorveatte, Get to the Point
Amanda Drury, Amanda's Spot
Bill Lawson, Kidd's Place
A. J. Thomas, The Jonny Smith Regime
Rod Densteadt, Brothers of Willow
Kevin Wright, Wright off the Bat
Shannon D'Agostino, Our Simple Adventures
David Rutler, Savior Stretching
David Sheffield, One Rock Crying Out
Wisconsin Spiritual Formation: Davis, Mavis and Brown
Joy Ziegler, Conformed or Transformed?
Matthew Rose, The Matthew Never Knew
David and Katy Kinnan, The Kinnan Chronicles
Ben Robinson, The Orthodoctor
Brian Johnson, Community Wesleyan Church
Ryan Budde, The Scope
Ed Boston, Do the Right Thing
Josh Cooper, Front Porch Life
Gail Neuerberg, The Beauty of God In Little Things
Straight Talk for Church Planters
Mark Schnell Thinks Out Loud
Brian Russell, Real Meal Ministries
Glen Robinson, Dividing Wall
Tom Kinnan, Keeping Perspective
Steve Matthews
Dean Brown, Corktown Capers
Mark Gorveatte, Church Edge
David Wright
Daniel Shipton,
Dan Bickel, Wisconsin DistrictBrooks Sayer, Stuff I Say
Doug Dennis, Intentional Interim
Josh & Jamie Hilty, Sermons and Other Stuff
Jeff Bouma, The Fuse
Rick Hudgens, Trustworthy Sayings
Phil Stevenson, Inner Sanctum
Jeremiah Gomez, Musings of a RookiePastor
Ed Torres, The Core
Lenny Luchetti, Relevant Living
Brandon & Jennifer Bruce
Steven Sheets
Dale Robertson, Dale's Place
Carles Fletcher, Community Wesleyan Church


mark o wilson said…
You're welcome! Glad to do it.

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