What a great day! It started out so rocky that I knew that Satan was busy at work trying to thwart the good that was about to happen.

I offer to take any of the men and women in our transition/shelter to church every Sunday. Anyone who wants to go, I will pick up that morning. I had a gentlemen who just got out of prison and said that he would not ever go to church. He has been a member of the white supremacy group before he went to prison and he wanted nothing to do with church. I told him that I offer it up to everyone and there's no pressure, but if he wanted to go, he was welcome. As we were driving down the road, he said "Hey, about that church thing, I think I'll go, if it's still ok." I was grinning from ear to ear on the inside. I didn't know if he would change his mind before Sunday came, but this morning...he was ready to go. And I found it funny that he came with the Korean man that we have in our house.

So, backing up a bit....Brian was going to pick the guys up for church. He went to leave in the van and I had accidentally taken the keys, so he went to the Honda, and the battery was dead, so he did a quick charge and thought he would borrow his sister's Tahoe. On the way to church, they ran out of gas. Normally the vehicles has 40 miles from the time the gas light comes on. Well....fancy that....the light NEVER came on. So, they got to church about 30 minutes late, just before the message.

I got up to preach and talked about Truth. How do we know what is truth when everywhere we go everyone is telling us that they have the answer. How do we know who and what to believe? I believe it was a great message for them to hear, but wondered if it would be a little "strong" for them, given their diversion to church.

After church, they booked out the back door and I thought, well, they at least gave it a shot. I went outside to talk to them and they said "Hey, that picnic thing and church next week. Will you pick us up? We would like to come back here. This was nice!" WHOOOHOOOO!!!! I told them that I would absolutely bring them with us and was glad that they liked the service. They said "Good message, Pastor Joy"

God is good. His Word is truth and I praise God for it! I look forward to "the rest of the story". I can't wait to see what God does next! It's been a good day!


Pastor Rock said…
That is an awesome story Joy! I am sure those guys will be transformed by God's word and you will be the tool He uses to make it happen.
Hey I finally blogged again if you want to check it out.
Dale Argot said…
Wow! what was up with last Sunday. I experience a similar bout with spiritual warfare last Sunday. Thanks for sharing with us the victory.

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