Back Home

We have been gone and I forgot to post that there would be no posts....sorry to my faithful readers! But, good news is....I'm back home! Our family went to visit a good friend of mine from the FLAME classes I attend. It's always fun to visit other churches and see how they do ministry and have some time just to sit and talk ministry. Brian and I were able to spend significant time talking (we spent over 18 hours one way in the car!). We need to carve out more time to do that when we are at home.

We are seeking what God's good will is. We don't want to settle for something that is just good, but something that is God. We want His good, pleasing and perfect will. It's hard not to make decisions on how we feel. We must go on what we are called to and lead to and follow that in complete trust in the One who is leading us there.


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