David and Goliath

This morning I got up and read 1 Samuel 17, which is the story of David and Goliath. It's fun to read those ever so familiar stories again. It's been a while since I've actually read the story and not heard it Veggie Tales style. Here's a YouTube depiction of the story:

So what I take away from David this morning:
1. He was obedient to his Father to go serve his brothers and did not question him, but went. (vs. 20)
2. He considered himself a servant. (vs. 32,34)
3. He was faithful with a little, so he was prepared for much (Note: to me...killing a bear and a lion with his hands wasn't little) (vs. 34-36)
4. He took no confidence for himself. His courage was strong and His trust was completely in the Lord. His faith now had feet to them. (vs. 37)
5. When David knew what God had called him to do, he didn't hesitate. He moved quickly. (vs. 48)

I want these things for my life. May I always be an obedient servant who is faithful with whatever she is given big or small. In victory, let me always give God the credit, knowing it was done through Him. And may I always trust confidently and not waver, moving quickly toward what God has called me to.


Anonymous said…
Ok...that was David like I have never seen him. Blonde hair, blue eyes and American Idol winner! The story of the giant slayer is a totally brutal story. The stories we think of as children's stories are really not really children's stories at all. He cut off his head for pity sakes! And Noah? Well imagine the scene around the ark as all of humanity is drowing and being dashed against the rocks by the rising water levels! Not sure why I went there...anyhow, David is my favorite!

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