I can't think of anything worth saying.......

I have been reading the book The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence again. This book is one of my favorite books. I am amazed at a man who lived his life washing dishes and was able to live a life of worship through it all. He prayed continually and was an incredible example to me on living a sanctified, holy life. He was as ordinary as they come in this life, and yet so extraordinary in his walk with God. I will probably be posting more from this book, but for today, here is the quote that got to me:
"When he was troubled by something, he seldom consulted anyone about it. Knowing only that God was present, he walked in the light of faith and was content just to lose himself in God's love no matter what happened."
I am a person who processes things by talking them out. Sometimes that gets me in trouble. God is really the only one that can do anything about my situations. In times of trouble, I need to "lose myself in God's love" and trust Him. Many times, my words are not worth saying, but to the Lord. Enough said!


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