On the way to school this morning, my daughter found an old tattered dollar in the console. She asked if she could have the dollar and I told her no. She replied, "But Mom, it's old and torn." I asked her if an old dollar and a new dollar were worth the same amount and she said "yes". I explained that just because it was old and torn doesn't change it's value. She is six, but she understood that and still wanted the dollar.

I am reminded that it doesn't matter where we have been and what has happened to us or by us. God still sees us as valuable in our torn and tattered state. He wants to use us for His glory. Just like the torn and tattered dollar, we still hold our value.

As I got done explaining this concept to my daughter, the Mark Schultz song came on the radio "Broken and Beautiful". How appropriate. Read these words or click the link to the song and listen from his myspace page....

Mark Schultz - Broken & Beautiful

There’s a businessman, there’s a widowed wife
A smiling face with a shattered life
A teenage girl with a choice to make
It’s crowded here in church today
And the preacher says as the sermon ends
“Please close your eyes, bow your heads
Is there anyone in need of prayer,
Oh Jesus wants to meet you here”
Cause we all fall short, and we all have sinned
But when you let, God’s grace break in
It’s Beautiful, Beautiful
Come as you are
Surrender your heart
Broken and beautiful
Well he’d never been to church before
But he came today as a last resort
His world was crashing in
And he was suffocating in his sin
But tears rolled down as hope rushed in
He closed his eyes, raised his hands
Worshipping the God who can
Bring him back to life again
And it’s beautiful, beautiful
Come as you are
Surrender your heart
Broken and beautiful, beautiful
Come as you are
Surrender your heart
Broken and beautiful
Cause there’s nothing more beautiful at all
Than when His sons and daughters call, broken
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Come as you are
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
Come as you are
Broken and beautiful.


Dale Argot said…
I love this song. I'm feeling a bit like that tattered dollar bill of late. The amazing thing is that even in our broken state, God can and will use us. I really needed what you said tonight. Thanks
David said…
I really like the thought. It is true to the bone. But why does everything you write about have to be related to music?
Joy Ziegler said…
David, I might be posting a lot about music because my next FLAME class is on worship. Or, it could be that my love for worship and music is coming through! There is so much encouragement that music brings. Maybe a blog post about the importance of music would be good. Hmmmm???? Either way....go with it! ENJOY!!!

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