Is compartmentalization a sin?

I've been pondering this word for the last 24 hours. Compartmentalization. I like the word, because it's such a big word. It's a fun word to say. As a kid, we like little compartments. They are fun to discover and hide little things in. You can buy a frog for your garden that has a secret compartment for a key to your house. I love a purse with lots of little compartments. A jewlery box with lots of compartments helps us organize our precious little things.
But in our life, our hearts, is compartmentalizing a sin? Is it ok for us to separate out or hide little things in our heart in the name of organization? When I gave my heart to Jesus and received His free gift of salvation, I gave my whole heart. When someone dies for their faith because of persecution, they give their everything. He has their whole heart. So, why as we go through life and issues and circumstances come up, do we think it's ok to tuck things away in a part of our heart just for us. We once gave all, but now we are taking back pieces. When we hold back part of our heart from God, someone or something has a piece of us that rightfully belongs to the Lord. Is this a sin? Something to think about......


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