Golf ball or pennies?

It's been a crazy week and last night as I was feeling the exhaustion and pressure of it all when my son called me from his room, the microwave buzzer went off and the dryer button was buzzing all in the same second. I looked at my husband and said, "I think I'm gonna go crazy!". We kind of laughed about it, but it really reminded me that I need to stay focused on the tasks at hand and do only what I am supposed to be doing and let the rest go. Priorities. What things are important and what do I need to let go of?

I spoke to the teens about this very issue yesterday. We played a game, but you will have to imagine it.........put one hand behind your back and put a golf ball in your other hand and with the golf ball hand, try to pick up as many pennies as you can off the table without dropping the golf ball. It was fun to see the kids try, as many could only pick up a few. Just as you had what seemed like a bunch of pennies in your hand, you would either drop the pennies or the golf ball.

That golf ball represents God in our life and the pennies represent everything else. When we start trying to get too many things (maybe even good things), it crowds God out of our life and something has to go. Either God or the other things. There is room for a what is important, and the rest has to go!

So today, I evalute what is important. Shouldn't we do this every day and not just when life seems out of control?


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