Faith of a Mustard Seed

Today I started back working with the Teens. It was good to be back, and they were happy to see me too! (or maybe it was the doughnuts that they were excited about, hmmm???)

I shared a story from the book Jesus Freaks, a book about being a martyr for Christ. We discusssed whether or not they would still come to church if they knew that they could go to prison or be tortured for coming. Many said "no" they would not come and others said "yes", but probably more because it was the right thing to say rather than what would really happen.

At this point, God isn't calling us to be a martyr here in our comfortable USA, but we are called to be witnesses. We then moved the discussion to the mustard seed. A tiny seed when planted, but fully grown, one of the biggest trees in the garden. Do we have enough faith that we trust God can change the heart of one of our friends....or even our enemies? I asked them to think of a friend and pray over that mustard seed. We then went outside and "planted" our mustard seed in faith that God would use US this week how he saw fit.

I pray that next week we will be able to share stories of seeing God in our days. We are going to do a "God hunt" every day. When you look for God in your day, you WILL find him. He is all around us working every day and we fail to see it, because we don't look. So, this week, we'll look for Him and be available to be used by Him. I pray for changed lives......

Lord, use me!


Dale Argot said…
Good thought Joy! Did you catch Keith Drury's article today, "In Praise of Mediocrity." We forget that it's ok to be ordinary. God has been teaching that to me over and over again. Thanks for the reminder that we should be looking for God in the everyday things of life. It really is amazing how God can use us even when we feel so ordinary

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