How time flies by this week (what am I thinking THIS week? every week) This week has really gotten away from me. I have had a couple of board meetings and last night was for H.O.M.E. (Homeless Outreach Ministry Exchange) It's an organization that provides housing for the homeless. The Goodwill Inn is always full and so a friend of mine got a burden for the homeless the last couple of years and rented homes in his own name and charged guys by the week. It birthed the ministry of H.O.M.E. They are now housing over 40 guys, which is more than Goodwill Inn's capacity. How amazing! H.O.M.E. not only houses them, but also helps them with life skills and getting back on their feet. When you look at what monies these guys get and many times half of their money goes to child support, it's a long road. Praise God for one man's vision and following through on that vision. A few years ago, I am sure he never dreamed it would be what it is today.

So, is there any dream that just seems to big to happen, but it never leaves your heart? If you had unlimited time and unlimited resources, what would you attempt to do? Once you identify that area, start praying that God would open doors and continue to press His vision on your heart. I think sometimes we forget that God longs to do miracles in our lives. He longs to move, and are we limiting His power because we just can't fathom it? His time and resources are limitless.

So what's your dream?


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