Bread or Toast?

I find that there are so many lessons we can learn just by listening to our children. This morning, my daughter wanted some toast with her breakfast. So, she popped the bread in the toaster and when it popped up, I grabbed it and said "would you like me to butter your bread?" She replied "Mommy, that's not bread, it's TOAST!" Somehow her bread had changed into toast in the toaster. I explained to her that the toast was still bread but had changed it's form.

When I became a Christian, I was still Joy, but I had changed forms. It changed the places I went, the way I thought and talked and the friends I had. Everything that I did changed. My priorities were different. When I am baked in the presence of God, it changes how I look, just as bread being baked in the toaster changes how it looks.

So, when you look at your life, is it obvious that there has been a change in your life? Have you allowed the Spirit to change you from bread to toast (or spiritually speaking, from self to holiness)? Transformation takes places by continually being in God's presence. How much time have you spent in His presence this week?


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