No, Mommy!

The past few months have been difficult with my daughter. Has anyone noticed that girls are soo different than boys? My son, now 13 years old, never cared what I picked out for him to wear. He was just glad that I picked them out! My daughter, almost 7 years old, HAS AN OPINION! My daughter and I have been struggling every day with our morning routine. And somewhere in the morning, I get a "NO, MOMMY!" from her. But, today was a different kind of "NO" from her.

We have discussed our morning attitudes and she truely desires to do what God wants her to do, because she has Jesus in her heart. So, we started to pray about it together that Jesus would help her make good choices regarding her attitude. She asked me to remind her when she started to get a bad attitude that we should pray. This morning, as she started to get a little testy with me, I said "Olivia, let's pray!" So, we prayed and I asked Jesus to help Olivia have a good attitude this morning and that Satan wouldn't tempt her to make bad choices, ect..... I said "in Jesus name, Amen!" and Olivia looks at me and says "NO, MOMMY! You need to pray that Jesus will kick Satan's butt!" How many times do we approach God with our eloquent prayers instead of get down and dirty heart to heart prayers? So, Olivia and I prayed again. And when we were done, we both laughed together and knew that God was gonna work!

Thank you, God that we can come to you, just as we are. You don't need our fancy eloquent prayers. You just need us to be real and honest before you.


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