Get Real!

Since last Friday we have been getting dumped on as far as the snow goes. I have been procrastinating putting new tires on my car. They are the low profile summer tires that do absolutely nothing for you but slide all over on the winter roads. Now, don't forget, I live in Northern Michigan. I know how to drive in snow, so getting stuck this early in the game shouldn't happen......especially in your own driveway! AHHHH!!!!

This morning I was backing up and hit the brakes and the car spun around almost hitting two trees. We have about a 4-5 inch drop off the edge of our driveway, because we only poured the cement and haven't put the yard in yet, so my car slid off the edge and plowed through the pile of snow from the snowblower. Of course, I was in a hurry because we were late for school....NOW....we're really late. I called my neighbor and asked her to come take Olivia to school for me. She gracious obliged. I figured I would come in and call Brian and have him come home and pull me out. So, I left the car in the driveway until he could get here.

About an hour later, my other neighbor drives by and slows down. Stops in front of the house. Backs up and pulls into my driveway. I'm watching from the den window, thinking to myself, "Oh great! He's gonna think I'm an idiot to get stuck in my own driveway." I meet him at the door and he says "I have chains in the back of my truck from when my wife got stuck in the neighbor's driveway yesterday.Would you like me to pull you out?" Ha Ha! He understood! and graciously pulled me out.

So, what's the lesson in all this? Sometimes we get stuck and feel stupid about our mistakes. We just leave it and think "I'll deal with this later." But many times when we share our struggle, we realize that the other person is struggling the same as we are and we can help each other....or sometimes laugh about it together. I think the key get real. Get honest with others and see how God uses situations to strengthen your faith and your relationship with each other.


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