A Thankful Heart

A thankful heart is a happy heart!

Yesterday I spent the day at home. Just Brian, Me and Andrew and Olivia. We sat around as a family doing NOTHING. It was a fantastic day! We have been so busy running that we needed the break and how blessed to be able to cook the Thanksgiving meal and eat it together. It sounds so simple, but sometimes it's the little things that bless us the most! Later last night we did go to the video store and rent some movies. We all piled on to our bed and watched it in our room. It was a good ending to a great day!

Today we head to Midland, MI (about 2 hrs from here) to have dinner with my family and then tomorrow with Brian's family, but both should be pretty low key and allow us to continue in this slower pace of life for a bit.

I am thankful for my family and for special times to slow down and remember how blessed I am.


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