So today my daughter was sick. I called the Doctor and we got in this afternoon. She has strep throat. We decided to go to McDonalds for our "after the doctor treat" and though I wasn't sure it was the greatest of ideas, we proceeded and ordered some food. She smelled the food and puked. She leaned forward and let it all go on the floor mat. Then, she proceeded to say "Mommy, I'm so sorry I puked in your car!" And of course, as much as I hate puke and wasn't thrilled with it, I was more concerned about her. I just wanted her to get better. Minutes later she was asleep.

What can I learn from this experience? When we are in a mess, we go to the Doctor (Jesus) and ask for His treatment plan. We leave and take the prescription AND indulge in the junk "food" that will make us sick. Then, when we get sick from those things that we think we want, we apologize to God and worry about the mess we just made. God is really more concerned about us and our health. Now, the "puke" will have to be cleaned up, and God can make something out of the messes we make, but what is most important is our spiritual health. To get better, we need to follow His prescription plan......His Word....nothing more....nothing less.


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