I've got my umbrella!

One summer day, a drought threatened the crop in a small town. On a hot and dry Sunday, the village parson told his congregation, "There isn't anything that will save us except to pray for rain. Go home, pray, believe, and come back next Sunday ready to thank God for sending rain."

The people did as they were told and returned to church the following Sunday. But as soon as the parson saw them, he was furious. "We can't worship today. You do not yet believe," he said.

"But," they protested, "we prayed, and we do believe."

"Believe?" he responded. "Then where are your umbrellas?"

The last 24 hours have been tough ones for me. I prayed, yes, but not with my umbrella in hand! Why is it that we pray half-heartedly? Why don't we expect God to to the impossible? He wants to bless us! He wants to give us the desires of our hearts! So, where's the faith?

Today it's raining outside.....and inside. God answered prayer today far beyond what I could have imagined. I am thankful for the rain, but more for the showers of blessings I've experienced today!

I will continue to pray.......with my umbrella! Lord, Help my unbelief!


David said…
Good words, Joy. Can we really call it faith if we pray not believing? Too often do we say, "If God wills" and act like He may or may not notice. We need prayers of faith that will move mountains and shake the foundation of the earth!

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