Mere Distraction

We went "home" this last weekend to visit family and our old church. It was great to see all our friends again (notice I didn't say OLD friends...for those of you reading this who would slap me for that! ha ha). They have gotten rid of the pew benches and put some really comfortable chairs and changed the stage setting. It looks really great! It's amazing to just "pick up where you left off" in some ways. I am so thankful for the real relationships there.

But there was a small distraction just before Easter. The service started normally, and they took the offering early in the service. When they went to put the money in the was GONE! Being April Fools Day, the teller thought it was a joke. Come to find out, an intruder not only stole that heavy safe, but also one of the pastor's laptop computer and the church's digital camera. What'll be interesting is when that intruder finally gets that heavy safe open, they are going to be very disappointed. The safe was worth more than what was in it! Unfortunately, they had to have all the locks on every door of the church changed, as the back up keys were in there.

This type of activity could cause us to walk in fear, feel violated, steal our joy, or cause confusion instead of focus in a service.....if we let it! But we chose to praise instead. All that stuff is temporal and doesn't last. We serve a God who is bigger than a lost computer or safe. We serve a God who gave His LIFE for us. He lost much more than the security of a building. He was violated much more than we were in a few stolen items. He lost the security of a relationship with His Father. He took on the sin of the world and gave up EVERYTHING. This week we remember His sacrifice and celebrate the LIFE we have in Him and because of Him.

So, this Easter, Satan sure wants to thwart any advance in the Kingdom. He wants to get our eyes focused on the things of this world. I stand to protest his efforts. They are cheap shots of distraction. I choose Christ and the power of His blood! My focus will remain on the eternal. Where's your focus today?


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