Audience of One

There is a great post about criticism and hurts on Perry Noble's site. We need to stay focused on playing our game for an audience of One. Only what God says counts! It's so easy to get our eyes off the good things and focused on the one bad thing. If 10 people say good things and one person says a bad thing, that is where we, by nature, focus. If 10 people say bad things and God says "Good job, I'm pleased!" then that's all we need.

Today I play for an audience of One.


Anonymous said…
There are always critics. Never in the history of the world has everyone been in one accord. Our desire for approval and acceptance has led us to seek to gain from people what only God can give. If our identity and acceptance come from anywhere but God, we are in a dangerous place. God works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. We need to remember that our "audience of One" is far greater than the audience of millions. They cannot gain us eternity and they cannot give us everlasting peace. Bless you Joy. I pray today for strength.

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